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Oscar Diaz Diaz 


Architect / LEED Green Associate

University of California

at Berkeley

Masters in Architecture


Texas A&M University

Bachelor of Environmental Design

I returned to Panama in 2014 after working in Cincinnati to represent a U.S. architecture firm in the construction of a 60,000m2 corporate campus for one of the most prestigious local banks. The desire to be near my family and the tropical climate were also major reasons I moved back to Panama. I am passionate about integrating the built environment with the natural environment and systems. In my free time, I love coffee shops, the outdoors, and board games. For details, please read more here.

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Aaron Simon

Lead Designer

University of Virginia

Bachelor of Science in Architecture

Bachelor of Urban and Environmental Planning

My interest in design stems from a passion for story-telling and place-making. After studying and working in the United States, I was drawn to Panama by the impressive building boom elevating the country. The move to Panama was also encouraged by my love for the ocean. Water security is a major focus in my educational and professional work, with specific focus on the health and sanitation of bays, estuaries, and watersheds. When not in the office,I love to explore Panama's rich national parks. 

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Fernando Feghali Dao


ISTHMUS, Escuela de Arquitectura y Diseño de América Latina y el Caribe

Bachelor of Architecture

Over the past decade Panama has given me the tools and training to be a successful professional. Now, I believe it is my turn to give back to this beautiful nation. My design process is guided by a passion for new technologies and ways of making. I thrive off order and strive to bring tranquility to the workplace. In my spare time I enjoy the outdoors and photography. For details, please read more here.

Carmen Carrasco

Architectural Designer

Universidad Santa María La Antigua

Bachelor of Structural Architecture

Even before becoming an architect I have been influenced mostly by the effects of it, directly embedded in our everyday life. I grew professionally thanks to outstanding  mentors to the point I´m able to handle any type of project at any stage of the process. With photography as a hobby, and as a mother above all, I always try to understand the costumer´s needs from a clearer and more down to earth perspective, getting to know all the aspects that make a design according that unique lifestyle or use.

Erick Graell

Architectural Designer

Universidad Santa María La Antigua

Bachelor of Structural Architecture

I'm always willing to face new challenges. In each project I see the opportunity to implement the skills and tools acquired throughout my professional career. I combine creativity, technical knowledge and technology to achieve the solutions required by each of the projects in which I participate. By giving our best we achieve great things.

David Singh

Architectural Designer

Architectural Drafter

Universidad de Panamá

Bachelor of Architecture

Upon returning from the United States with my incomplete studies, I decided to study architecture. Over the years of combining studies and work, meeting wonderful people and some adversities, I came to the conclusion that architecture is the expression of the simplest taken to art. That is why I strive to identify in the drafts that I make the intention of the detail of the architects for whom I work.


My hobbies include photography and video games that help me stay skilled in my ability to observe the situation and respond with a plan that allows me to create a memorable moment.

Guillermo Terán

Architectural Designer

Universidad Santa María La Antigua

Bachelor of Structural Architecture

I'm a Panamanian architect with a great affinity to art, responsible, dynamic and creative, in the constant quest for personal and professional growth.

I believe that a personal connection and compromise with the designs are key elements to give life to any project we are involved. outside of the office I take care of my plants, my cat and my art. 

my life motto is "Live, but do it making of yourself a masterpiece."

Lanel Ortiz

Architectural Designer

Universidad de Panamá

Bachelor of Architecture

I decided to get involved in architecture, attracted by the fusion between art and precision, the perfect convergence of design. I see each new project as a new opportunity to absorb much more knowledge.


I enjoy reading in my free time, the symbolism in the paintings of Odilon Redon and the newly made tamales of my land

Sofia Oviedo

Administrative Assistant

Universidad Alejandro de Humboldt

Bachelor in Marketing

My experiences have shaped who I am, in particullar, being part of an excellent team, with unique characteristics that have enriched me and motivated me to do an excellent job for the evolution of the firm. We share a heart to do good and help the corporate and humanistic development of the country.


Tenacity and commitment are key elements in my work and personal life. The love for my baby is the most important thing in my world.