DIAZ DIAZ is committed to information-based design and working towards the desired results of each of our clients. Our first and key step is obtaining and documenting information needed to understand the client’s needs and project goals.


Design revolves around a big idea. We believe in studying concepts and  possibilities that fit the client’s needs established in the information phase.

The final idea is a story that becomes a design framework to guide the project.


This is the process that takes the idea into a technical document. Here we develop the story by creating what we call in Panama, the “Anteproyecto”. It is about
sharing the scope of the project and integrating engineering knowledge and requirements needed for the development of the concept.


The construction plans are the final documents of the project. These are used for
cost estimation, bidding, and construction. Every engineering discipline is involved throughout this phase, integrating their plans and focusing on problem-solving details.


We become an ally and guardian of the concept. Through site visits and virtual tools our team ensures that construction goes according to design. We  review equipment and material purchases and answer any questions or requests for information.


The design process starts by identifying the specific client’s goals; we want to end with measuring the project results against the original goals. We
believe in documenting the outcomes, then sharing the results internally with our team and externally with our clients.

Nuestro primer paso es obtener y documentar la información necesaria para entender las necesidades y los objetivos de los proyectos de nuestros clientes.
The construction plans are the final documents of the project. These are used for cost estimation, bidding, and construction. Every engineering discipline is involved throughout this phase, integrating their plans and focusing on problem-solving details.
We become an ally and guardian of the concept. Through site visits and virtual tools our team ensures that construction goes according to design. We review equipment and material purchases and answer any questions or requests for information.
The design process starts by identifying the specific client’s goals; we want to end with measuring the project results against the original goals. We believe in documenting the outcomes, then sharing the results internally with our team and externally with our clients.
Design revolves around a big idea. We believe in studying concepts and possibilities that fit the client’s needs established in the information phase. The final idea is a story that becomes a design framework to guide the project.