DIAZ DIAZ Arquitectura is in the process of interior design and remodeling of the old building on Calle 50 of ASSA Compañía de Seguros.


The project was born from the need to integrate the staff of Generali when acquiring its insurance portfolio, and to modernize a building of 1983 with technology and design strategies focused on the new methods of work. The scope includes the remodeling of the work areas, common spaces, collection area and dining room, all distributed within the 4 levels of the building.


The design seeks to generate a more modern and fresh environment, resulting in better quality, integration and comfort within the different spaces, and increase the productivity of users.


unity ducruet


Ducruet enlisted the help of DIAZ DIAZ in transforming their current office space into a more modern, openoffice layout. By eliminating unnecessary divisions and redundant circulation paths, we were able to achieve a more efficient layout that maximizes work space. Also, by replacing gypsum walls with glass partitions, the new design allows natural light to flow throughout the entire space, creating a greater sense of openness.  In the cafeteria, the footprint was enlarged to increase the seating capacity. New windows, finishes, cabinets, and equipment were also added, giving the cafeteria a completely new, modern look.


The College Connection


The College Connection is one of the most successful college counseling services in Panama, with experience in preparing high school students to attend rigorous universities abroad. The new space provides an inviting and youthful environment for students to collaborate, research universities, and prepare college applications.

This design-build project by DIAZ DIAZ Arquitectura reflects the landscape of the modern classroom. The large collaboration table at the center of the space serves as the point of discussion and exploration. Students feel encouraged to attend their afterschool sessions, and are welcome to stay to complete their homework assignments or study.


Panama design center coworking office


The challenge of this project was to transform an existing office and terrace into a technology showroom and event space. The client needed a space versatile enough to facilitate a range of activities, from product display shows to pop-up shops, conferences, workshops, and catered gatherings.

Driven by the client’s need for flexibility, DIAZ DIAZ redesigned the space to maximize openness. With the exception of the kitchen and private office, the new design incorporates a space planning strategy of soft thresholds rather than hard partitions. The showroom and terrace use ceiling features, lighting, and various flooring types as a way to subtly divide and program the space. An operable wall composed of sliding glass panels provides the ability to segment the space in different configurations while maintaining a sense of transparency. The glass panels also double as a projection surface for holographic displays and presentations.

When opened, the terrace becomes an extension of the exhibition area, allowing the outside environment to enhance the interior spatial experience. The terrace received a major renovation as well. The new outdoor space now features a BBQ area, bar, dining area, lounge, and putting green.