liverpool department stores

Partnering with BHDP Architecture in Cincinnati, DIAZ DIAZ is working on the interior design of the latest Liverpool Department Stores. Founded in 1847, Liverpool is a mid-to-high end retailer, operating the largest chain of department stores in Mexico.

Collaborating closely with BHDP and Liverpool, DIAZ DIAZ focuses on aligning the brand identity with the architectural design. By harmonizing the customer experience with the Liverpool brand strategy, DIAZ DIAZ strives to engender rich and innovative consumer environments that strengthen shopper loyalty.

2016 - PRESENT


Parque V

by Cuquita Cookita


Located in Costa del Este, Panama, Parque V is a restaurant and café serving home-style meals in the heart of Torre V, Business Park. Operated by Cuquita Cookita, a renowned Panamanian restaurant, the newly remodeled space brings a sense of warmth and hospitality to compliment the home cooking.

DIAZ DIAZ Arquitectura served as both designer and builder. By harmonizing the Cuquita Cookita brand with the surrounding cafeteria and collaboration area, the new space provides a fresh and calming break from the corporate office environment.


HUAWEI caribbean Csic SHOWROOM


A global technology solutions company approached DIAZ DIAZ to design a new flagship showroom in Panama. After discussing the programmatic needs and analyzing previous showroom concepts, we developed a design that maximized viewing space by embedding the displays within an architectural promenade. With a progression of museum-like exhibits dedicated to the various technology solutions, the customer remains constantly engaged in the spatial and consumer experience. Displays along the circulation path capture user gazes as they proceed to technology checkpoints where they are invited to pause and engage in the latest products and interfaces.

Challenged by the curtain wall system in the existing space, the design buffers the exhibits with a perimeter circulation path, protecting the screens and displays from harsh glare while maximizing visible light transmittance.